by Beejay on July 27, 2009

THE COMIC BOOK VENDOR with the moustache sneered at me.

I’d asked him a simple question. Now, he seemed offended.

“You wanna take a picture of what?” he asked.

“The letters.”

“The letters?”

“Yes. Some of the lettering.”

“And why is that?”

“Because…I like letters.”

He went silent. He was studying me.

“Okay, fine, you can take some pictures,” he said, finally.

He watched me carefully, and at one point, he showed an interest in a few of the lettering examples I’d chosen to photograph.

“You know, I’ve never noticed some of this stuff,” he said. “Interesting.”

He managed a thin smile, and I smiled, too.

And so went another awesome Comic-Con, which ended Sunday in San Diego.

The San Diego Comic-Con is an annual celebration of fandom, a pop-culture explosion of freaks and geeks, nerds and noobs, Twilight addicts, and grown men in spandex Tron suits.

It’s also a chance for the world to get a sneak peek at what’s in the pipeline—film, TV, comic books, toys, and video games, among other things.

On Sunday, amid the chaos of more than 30,000 people roaming the hallways of the Convention Center, a few of us checked out the custom lettering, which was drowned out by the heavy presence of Comic Sans.

Stuart Sandler (Font Diner), Rian Hughes (Device Fonts) and Nate Piekos (Blambot) were among those spotted over the course of four days.

And for a few hours on Sunday, I tried to capture some of the Custom Letters at Comic-Con. Not the greatest photos ever, but with Chewbacca and Pikachu hovering about, it was easy to get distracted. 😉

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Katie 07.28.09 at 8:32 am

Wow, what a great collection! I love the Amethyst cover, the Big City and definitely the number pig. Great find!


Cat Johnson 07.28.09 at 8:33 am

It’s such a joy to be reminded that there are people who “nerd-out” over letters as much as I do. The comic/graphic design world is filled with such interesting and unique lettering, from big, eye-catching cover art, down to the fabulously consistent and readable lettering of the stories themselves.

Thanks for the great post. It sounds like Comic-Con was a blast.


Meng Yang 07.28.09 at 11:07 am

Great reporting, made me wish I was there to nerd out at the comics and the lettering!


Jen 07.28.09 at 12:36 pm

Wow just wow. Some of these are just amazing! ANd yes my dog really does need these.. whatever “these” are


Patrick King 07.29.09 at 3:23 am

Excellent specimens all. Not being a comics aficionado I had no idea of the rich vein of hand drawn type to be found there. I had already a great deal of respect for comic book artists for I’ve felt that they are some of the few people out there who can actually still draw these days, but hadn’t considered their typographic skills until now.


Jordan Jelev - TheLabelMaker / 07.30.09 at 3:04 am

Wow, that is a great collection!!!


ad3k 07.30.09 at 10:02 pm

Awesome shots. Love those romance comic titles, “Wrong Bridegroom” indeed.
Thanks for sharing. We do appreciate it.


Michael Hochleitner 07.31.09 at 12:40 am

I love this website.


Commander Alex 07.31.09 at 9:55 pm

The Amethyst titling seems like the inspiration for the new city of Melbourne logo, eh?


Ryan Marganti 08.01.09 at 11:45 am

This would have been great for inspiration when I was design a comic-book themed album cover for someone. Too bad. Thanks anyway!


BT Livermore 08.02.09 at 3:45 pm

Wow, there’s some great stuff there!

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